Terra, Antioxidant body care oil

Terra, Antioxidant body care oil


flacon rose verte

It is in the heart of the Mediteranean sea, in Corsica Island (known in Greek as Kallisté, « The most beautiful ») that the Green Rose has found it’s authenticity.

The island is an endless source of proven effective plants, such has 2500 different natural essences and 131 species of endemic plants.

Elaborated with care, our beauty recipes bring you the strength of an authentic territory. The TERRA serum is a concentrate of this identity, not only woody but powerful, greedy and soothing.

Thanks to a unique mix of Immortelle, Corsican Clementine, Butterfly Lavender and Wild Carrot essential oils, the TERRA serum brings back the natural glow of your skin. The noble vegetable oils of Apricot  Nut, Grapeseed, Macadamia and Argan will provide a deep hydration, the key element for an embellished skin.

ABOUT La Rose verte.

La Rose Verte is born from a subtle mix of noble vegetable oils with virtuous essential oils for unique and precious formulas.

Patiently elaborated, our beauty recipes provide all the strength and authenticity from different areas around the world.

La Rose Verte is anchored to respect with the Earth and its richest expression.

We listen our Earth to elaborate products that will honour our environment and protect its fragile balance.

Balance, concentration and authenticity, determine La Rose Verte.

The best of our world offers to you, because for us, beauty has a name, and it’s yours.

Skincare differently.

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